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Kandinsky’s 1922 Bauhaus Sketchbook: A Selection

The Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art is pleased to announce Kandinsky: The Rediscovered Bauhaus Sketchbook, an exhibition featuring 15 pages of a newly authenticated sketchbook used by the artist Wassily Kandinsky in 1922, when he was teaching at the Bauhaus in Weimar, Germany. The exhibition will make available to the public the only loose pages from the 43-page sketchbook possible, without damage to the sketchbook itself.


Kandinsky: The Rediscovered Bauhaus Sketchbook is presented in partnership with the National Museum “Kyiv Art Gallery” in Kyiv, Ukraine and is made possible through the generosity of the Khodorkovsky Family, the sketchbook’s owner.

The sketchbook’s rediscovery corrects previous issues concerning the absence of known personal sketchbooks by the artist from 1922-1927. Provenance history suggests the existence of additional sketchbooks, as yet to be found.


For further inquiries, a book (hardback) documenting the authentication process with an introduction by Nuno Viana. In addition to reproductions of all the sketches themselves, expert reports by Lisa Florman, Reinhold Heller, Dmytro Horbachev, and Maria Valyaeva, are reprinted. A technical examination and analysis report from the Conservation Department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC.) is also included.

On view from October 16 through November 7, 2021 in The Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (ULMA). Learn more