Nikolay Vechmontov

( 10.04.1923 - 18.04.2007) 


We live in darkness and have already gotten used to it, quite distinguish objects. And yet we draw out the light from the sunset glow of the Cosmos, he is something and gives us energy vision. So for me, not important subjects, and their reflection, for in them lies the breath of an alien element ...

N. Vechtomov //Lianozovo: origins and destiny. Catalog. M., 1998


Russian painter .

Nicholas Vechtomov graduated from high school June 22, 1941, fought at Stalingrad, Kursk was captured, twice escaped, went into a partisan detachment safely returned to Moscow.

In 1951 Vechtomov graduated from the Moscow Art School in memory of 1905, he studied under M. Perutskogo, K. Dorokhov, S. Boim, V. Rubanova.

Since 1951 worked as a designer at the factory decorative and decorative arts.

In mid-1950 the artist along with friends and classmates, and L. B. Nemukhin Masterkova entered Lianozovo.

began like many others, with abstract expressionism, Vechtomov quickly found its own - a mystical, surreal - style.

«... Nicholas Vechtomov, perhaps the only one not without reason considered to be surrealist.

... His canvases - a window open in the unknown world. This is not a transcendental world, not even the world of dreams or the subconscious.

This world of space. Not that space, which write fiction. More precisely, he did not them, because that means the artist were different. He is not a naturalist, reconstructs environment of interplanetary travel. It conveys the feeling of the worlds environment, existing or not existing, and doing it convincingly. ... These semi-abstract, as if carved from heavy metal plates are flat rounded shape on the background of a piercing red or yellow sky sometimes with conditional strip of soil, of course, create a mood ... »(L. Kropiwnicki, 1965).


«... My works are not only with its own state, but also with public disasters. Tayfun, for example. Epic legends. I have a complex associative series. Inner voice tells me. The name comes during work, at the same time there were new ideas ... For example, the work of "Ancient Wall" was created under the impression from visiting the monastery Borisoglebskii "(N. Vechtomov).

Exhibited since 1961. In the same year, Russia held the first personal (property) exhibition of the artist. He participated in many group exhibitions in the USSR and abroad, including:

1967 - Exhibition of works by 12 artists of Moscow (club "Friendship", Moscow), exhibition of paintings and drawings from the collection of A. Glezer (Georgia);

1974-Progressive Stromungen in Moskau 1957-1970 (Museum Bochum, Bochum, Germany);

1975 - painting exhibition of Moscow artists (pavilion "Beekeeping", Exhibition Center, Moscow);

1991 - "Other Art" Moscow. 1956-76 (State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow).

Nikolay Vechmontov - Mixed Media & Graphics

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