The collection of the Ukrainian Diaspora's museum in Kiev has been increased with the works of art and historical artifacts.


The collection of the Museum of the Ukrainian Diaspora in Kiev has been replenished with several  rare works of art and historical artifacts from abroad. Among them, a portrait of authorship of the avant-garde artist with the world name of David Burliuk, still life of the representative of the Boychuk's School Oksana Pavlenko and the graphic work of one of the founder of the creative association "Painters Workshop" Alexander Shevchenko. Works from his own collection were donated by the American-Ukrainian collector and philanthropist Edward Khodorkovsky who was born in Kiev. Edward also purchased for the museum the first edition of the book of Lifar "Dance" with his original signature, two copies of the magazine published by Burluk in New York, as well as the vinyl record: Ukrainian Republican Chapel of Alexander Kosice (1923) and the record of the famous Ukrainian-American helicopters inventor -Igor Sicorcky (1967).


Edward Khodorkovsky also initiated the creation of a documentary film: "Ukrainian avant-garde". This film is about the artists who for various reasons were forced to leave Ukraine and work abroad.  Artists such as Malevich, Kandinsky, Burliuk, Exter have achieved a lot of success and recognition abroad, but have not lost their Ukrainian identity. Learn more.