Captives and Nomads: Creating Space in East and West

Captives and Nomads in the Wende Museum (Los Angeles, CA)

The Wende Museum located in Los Angeles, California has been organizing the exhibition "Captives and Nomads: Creating Space in East and West" that highlights communities in the East and the West that largely remain out of the public eye, either by choice or by design.


It focuses specifically on nomads, those who live outside of mainstream society, and captives, those who are forcibly detained. The exhibition is supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation and will be on view from November 11, 2023 to April 7, 2024.


"Captives and Nomads" will include arts from K Gallery art collection and artifacts created during the Cold War period and beyond under capitalist and socialist regimes by prisoners in gulags, prisons, immigrant detention centers, and mental institutions; by wandering Soviet hippies, Roma and Sinti communities, and the unhoused in Los Angeles; and by migrant workers and illegal immigrants.  The Wende Museum will be kindly donating some funds to the American Fund for Ukrainian Reconstruction.