Kazimir Malevich

( 23.02.1878 - 15.05.1935) 


Kazimir Malevich, in full Kazimir Severinovich Malevich,  born near KyivRussian Empire [now in Ukraine].

Avant-garde painter who was the founder of the Suprematist school of abstract painting.


Malevich, who was born to parents of Polish origin, studied drawing in Kyiv and then attended the Stroganov School in Moscow and the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture. In his early work he followed Impressionism as well as Symbolism and Fauvism, and, after a trip to Paris in 1912, he was influenced by Pablo Picasso and Cubism.

As a member of the Jack of Diamonds group, he led the Russian Cubist movement.


In 1913 Malevich began to create abstract geometric patterns in a manner he called Suprematism, a term expressing the notion that colour, line, and shape should reign supreme over subject matter or narrative in art. During this period, he painted a few of his most influential works, including Black Square (1915) and Suprematist Composition: White on White (1918).

From 1919 to 1921 he taught painting in Moscow and Petrograd (renamed Leningrad in 1924), where he lived the rest of his life.

On a 1927 visit to the Bauhaus in Dessau, Germany, he met Wassily Kandinsky and published a book on his theory under the title Die gegenstandslose Welt (The Non-objective World).


Later, when Soviet politicians decided against modern art, Malevich and his art fell out of favour. During his last years, his works show a return to figuration. Malevich died from cancer in poverty and oblivion.

Malevich was the first to exhibit paintings composed of abstract geometric elements. He constantly strove to produce pure cerebral compositionsrepudiating all sensuality and representation in art. White on White carries his Suprematist theories to their logical conclusion.


Their work has featured in numerous exhibitions at key galleries and museums, including The State Russian Museumand the State Hermitage Museum. Kazimir Malevich's work has been offered at auction multiple times, with realized prices ranging from $123 USD to $85,812,500 USD, depending on the size and medium of the artwork.

The current record price for this artist at auction is $85,812,500 USD for "Suprematist Composition", sold at Christie's New York in 2018. Kazimir Malevich has been featured in articles for "ArtDaily", "New York Times" and "The Guardian". The most recent article is "The Complete History of Cubism in One Blockbuster Exhibition" written by Joseph Nechvatal for Hyperallergic in January 2019.

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