Wassily Kandinsky famous painting On White II sketchbook sketches Exhibition Kiev

The grand opening of the exhibition " Wassily Kandinsky. Figurative Freedom" took place in Kiev.

There are only 15 works in this exhibition from a sketchbook, which consists of 43 sketches. Wassily Kandinsky painted them in 1922, when he had just moved to Germany. These are sketches for his famous painting On White II" said the  collector Edward Khodorkovsky, who collected these sketches and brought them to Ukraine.


"I spent 10 years collecting all the evidence from well-known scientists and art historians. Now the originality of the sketches has been fully confirmed by experts from around the world" - Khodorkovsky said.


You can enjoy the exposition in the Kiev art center "Chocolate House" during 1-12 June 2021. Learn more.